Victoria Foam PDR

Hi, Shorty,

Please find attached a couple of pictures of "Victoria2" going 3-D. She's built from 3" styrofoam, glued together with a portland cement/PVA glue mix, and, as of tonight, partially glassed using 4oz fibreglass cloth and the new-ish waterproof PVA glue called TitebondIII. I'll send better pictures as work progresses. Experimental materials, but I'm very hopeful, since I've done a fair amount of construction testing. A 12" wide 'plank' of the 3" styrofoam / 4oz glass / TitebondIII combination will hold my 200lb weight across 12" centres.

My last PD Racer, Victoria1, registered last year as Hull 832 - she is a Coroplast shell on a spruce frame. Attached are a couple of older photos of Victoria1.