Little More Progress

Bottom layer of roof much bigger than top one because I had the Meranti cut before roof was finished and had it cut wider than turned out to be necessary. Trimmed it back with saw and then planed smoother. Filled open grain of all edges with acrylic modeling paste.

Planed the other, only slightly misaligned roof edges flush.

Filled open grain of Meranti/Luan edges with acrylic madeling paste. It's for artists to make a textured layer to paint over with acrylic paint. Tough, slightly flexible, and carvable if needed. You can see what a messy job I did of sawing off the widest amount of roof overhang! Some sanding and paint and it will never be seen from a galloping horse.

Filled edges and tapered onto side wall. I see that crack at the end of the chine also needs filling. And maybe I won't bother; I am not building a watch, and have a tendency to try.

Rough cut mast sleeve cutout scrap to make a round plug for end of mast so it fits snugly inside sleeve at mast step.

Sawn almost all the way around; need to move the clamp for last cut; then file it and sand it last before painting.

Ring of caulking around mast sleeve at roof level. The mast will go down inside, fitted tightly at the bottom with the round plug screwed onto its end, and wooden chocks set inside against the mast around the top edge to hold it steady there.