Making Rain Cover

I decided a fitted rain cover with support over the cockpit so rain could not puddle there and drop into the cockpit was a good idea. I made it of Tyvek because it will (allegedly) shed rain but let moisture vapour through so mould and rot are not problems. Someone gave me some old MacDonald's food signs and I made a support for the rain cover with them on a stick for a ridge pole. I think they bend enough to either side that the rain will slide off nicely instead of puddling.

Rain cover; taping "ridgepole" to corrugated plastic sign, to support slope over cockpit so rain won't puddle and drop a tubful into cockpit.

Rain cover; Rebekah fitting another corner dart. After this, it became a four-handed operation.

Rain cover; keeping Tyvek centred over M.K. while fitting at bow. (Camera on car hood so both of us can be in this photo.

Rain cover; darts tacked by small bits of Tuck tape., corner trimmed off for apron to tuck under bow. Cover must be removed from stern to lift it over the cuddy and then the underhang of the bow.

Rain cover; darts all taped, starboard side.

Rain cover; darts all taped, port side. We didn't get it quite symmetrical; but it's covered enough to keep the rain out.

Rain cover; Rebekah fitting a tarp clamp to tie down the cover.

Rain cover; tarp clamp, bungee cords, and rope holding down tarp against wind. More tying would be needed for road travel.

Rain cover; taped and tied; ready for rain tonight. Spars are under overhang of house. Will probably tie them atop Molly Kool for traveling.