Mast Chocks

Did not do much today, but came to a good stopping place where glue needs to dry overnight. After my errands tomorrow I hope to have the energy to unclamp, try for size, and sand to fit. Sand ever so gently! There's not a lot to be taken off, and that's fine, as long as I don't take off too much. Just doing this little bit makes me feels ever so much better and more optimistic that I might get her if for a sail on Saturday, or the rain might hold off for a while on Sunday, or it might not come at all. Weather people can only guess, educated and informed guesses,but still guesses.

PDR MK Sept 17 - Pieces for mast chocks laid out on Tuck tape

PDR MK Sept 17 - Planing tapers on sides of chocks - 1

PDR MK Sept 17 - Planing tapers on sides of chocks - 2

PDR MK Sept 17 -Trying chocks around mast for fit; need 2 more.

PDR MK Sept 17 - Trying for fit inside pipe sleeve to see how much sanding to fit is needed. Not much! If needed, I'll glue plane shavings to thicken the chocks.

PDR MK Sept 17 - Preparing to glue chocks to mast. Bottom ends are 2" below line marking top of pipe sleeve. on roof of cuddy. I moved the mast to a

PDR MK Sept 17 -Glue dribbled on lower part of all chocks.

PDR MK Sept 17 - Chocks glued and clamped with bungee cords to dry overnight. There is a gap which I may make a tiny chock for when cord-clamps come off...another day.