More Clamping

Last night I put in the second brace for the leeboard and could not manage toto screw it in place standing outside the cuddy wall and pointing the screwdriver towards myself in order to drive those screws in from cockpit side. Realised that setting MK on her side would let me screw downwards while clamps held the gluey brace against the wall until I'd driven in the screws. I was absolutely delighted to discover that it was very easy for me to lift and pivot one end of the boat, then slid here gently to the ground, and gently tip her onto her side. Bottom photo shows me driving those screws from a comfortable position and manageable position. Using the screw gun in a direction it is meant to be used. Then righting her again was also easy. I think I'll still be able to move her single-handed when the decks & cuddy roof are on. I have two inflated rollers to move her overland without taking the paint off her bottom.

I was too tired to photo my after-supper progress when I quit so went out this AM to do so. As I snapped the shutter I realised that the clamps holding the oarlock socket brace on the starboard side did not match those on the port! I had glued the brace for the oarlock socket to the inside airbox wall where it would not work! Fortunately, I had one scrap of this piece of door jamb left over and it was about the right length, longer but not worth getting out the saw to cut. Refilled my wonderful no-drip glue spreader bottle, smeared the new piece and moved the clamps over to clamp it on the outside where I can fasten the socket block next.

I had quit, knowing I was too tired to work more and also, having lost that second brace, I gave upon it;. When I found when gathering my tools, I decided it was a quick and easy task to just smear it with glue and clamp it in place. Then both socket braces would be ready in the morning and only the thwart brace backers would still need attaching. I needed to figure out their placement and that kind of thinking does not work when I'm tired. Well, putting that second oarlock socket brace in place didn't work either. Fortunately it will never be seen from a galloping horse, nor any other way once the deck is laid.

Clamps galore! F-clamps on right removed to tip boat on side for screwing leeboard inner brace.

Clamped oarlock socket backer on the other, outer side, where it will be useable.

Screwing inner leeboard brace - 2