Planing Off The Branch Stubs

Today I power planed the branch stubs off the spars. First I sawed of the longest stubs with a keyhole saw - because it was easier to use than a regular carpenter's hand saw. Then I took Will's power plane to all of them. I had to learn (in about 2 knots - a new nautical measure of time?) that this is a power plane and therefore it does its job with a rotating blade, not by my pushing the plane base over the knot to power the blade myself. Even earthworms can learn and I have a wider range of smarts than an earthworm. My neighbours came by on their after-supper walk and hailed me. Matt kindly took the photo of me planing. That is not something to do with one hand while holding a camera in the other. Next I'll smooth them with a strip of sanding belt. Shall get someone to photo when I do it, since it is a two-handed operation.

1. Branch stubs in spruce pattern; not evenly spaced.

2. cutting off long stub.

3. Will's power plane.

4. Planing off branch stubs. Photo taken by passing neighbour. Planed spars leaning against woodpile.