Ready For Rain

Today I decided not to make myself anxious about too-low temperatures and just re-wrapped Molly Kool so she doesn't puddle water in the tarp and eventually get so much weight that the tarp sags and dumps all inside. The single ridge pole oar now lies on top outside (because my housemate set it there). Six 2x4s are laid across a hemlock slab (a first-cut board that is too rounded and wobble-edged to become a real board) atop the cuddy sides. I also photographed her uncovered, below. That green stripe is painter's tape, protecting her boot top. I hope it will still peel of readily after I've put the second coat of turquoise on, hopefully in early November. Then I'll hand paint a white stripe between the two colours. It won't be perfect, but it will add a bit of zing, not that these are dull colours! The decks will be a paler orange, and the cockpit paler turquoise. I have a faded-orange (made that colour) tarp for her sail to continue the orange & turquoise colour scheme - don't I sound like an interior decorator, though! I am a painter (of pictures) and am a colourist, in case you can't tell.

Afterwards I went out and harvested all my onions and dry beans so they won't rot in the rain. I doubt I have enough onions for all winter, but at least have an excellent start. Also brought in some late zucchini and a bouquet of greens for my neighbour's dragon lizard, or whatever it is called.