Went Sailing

"Red flag", from sail scrap which grommet reinforcements were cut from. Off to the water!

Molly Kool in the water awaiting placement of her pieces and parts, removed to move hull into water.

Threading rod through pintles to hang rudder. No cleats, no controller line for leeboard; daughter insistent on getting to water NOW. Note oversize chocks for mast; temporary rig for today only.

Sail up, seemingly ready to go. I must be putting on my PFD.

Climbing aboard. Note forgotten knife in loop of rope on roof: thank goodness it floated when it slid overboard! I've had it for 60+ years and am fond of it.

Preparing down the rudder now that I am in deeper water. Need to arrange that task to be easier, safer, and faster. Next time I might have actual wind to sail with.

Out where the breeze caught the sail briefly, scarcely filling it but I had enough of a taste to enter that Bliss Zone!