Just Went 3D


Here are our pictures of the next puddle that Garth and myself (Roger DeVore) are completing and request a registration number. Garth and myself built hull number 860 which was registered by and under Dale Dunston guide ( he built 859, 861 and 886). As a group this will be the 5th boat in our fleet with prospects of adding another in the near future.

We have also taken a flat bed trailer and are fitted it to be able to haul 6 boats at one time including gear, since are 3 stacked boat trailer and truck bed for the 4th has reached its limitations for our fleet. We have been getting great comments from many locals every time we go sailing on Lake June and have forwarded them to pdracer.com for guidance. I will also be ordering an HIN plate following this email. Any questions email me back.

Roger DeVore