Preparing for 2012 Everglades Challenge

Scott is represeting our club as Team EC Puddle Duck, and is preparing to run the 2012 Everglades Challenge, in a Puddle Duck.

EC Event Starts: 3 March 2012

During the event, to see where Scott is on the course:

What is everglades challenge?

It is a 300 mile, week long race down the west coast of Florida, and is considered the most challenging small boat adventure race in the world. There are filters which prevent large boats from participating, but the worst part is mother nature. In previous years, she has capsized many boats, the coast guard has helicopter rescued some participants, and others have nearly died from hypothermia and exposure while making their attempt to complete the challenge. For more information about the event, see

Scott's Sailing Experience

Founder of the Florida 120 event, Scott has previous experience sailing the coast of Florida including participating in 2011 Everglades Challenge, sailing his self-designed home built 12 foot skiff. Scott also has many years experience with the Puddle Duck, his first one being hull 104.

Can the duck make it?

While this has been a hot topic ever since the first duck was built, it has never been attempted before. Other duckers have participated in rigorous events such as the Texas 200 and completed them with success, however that is a very different type of event. The Texas 200 is often called a down wind sleigh ride because it typically has optimum following winds for the entire event. The Everglades Challenge has drastically varying weather conditions, everything from dead calm to raging storm. Doing some armchair quarterbacking and looking at the data from what other duckers have achieved in similar conditions, it is theoretically possible, but will be extremely difficult. But really this is just guesstimating, we don't know because nobody has ever attempted it before.


Scott Widmier came up with this logo a bit after lightning McQuack and this was on his shirts for the Everglades Challenge.
ECDuck - High Res     ECDuck - Reverse    

Lightning McQuack

Scott Widmier came up with this logo when he was thinking about running in the Everglades Challenge.
Lightning McQuack - High Res     Lightning McQuack - Reverse