2006 World PDRacer Sailboat Championship Race - Awards

Here is the lineup of trophies. The box in the front is the "box of boat bits" which was almost destroyed in Katrina.

1st place: Dave Sargent, this is his 2nd year as champ!

It is one large duck with several small ducks on board.

2nd place: Phil Keck

Very practical trophy, it is a brand new mushroom anchor.

3rd place: Scott Widmier

4th place: Andrew

5th place: John Wright

6th place: Bill Giles

7th place: Tim Cleary

The little boats seperate from their bases so they can be sailed around in the bath tub.

8th place: Andrew Creamer

Made from leftover plywood, the boats in the bag float around making it the first trophy with movement I have ever seen. Sort of a poor man's / redneck snow globe !

9th place: Jason Nabors

The trophy is Ken Abrahams recycled original world championship trophy, it is a brick with a cloth sail featuring the original logo and soft duck.

But wait!! There is a SURPRISE trophy for last place!!

Dave Gray from Polysail.com donated a gift certificate for one free polytarp sail. Suddenly several other sailors said, if they had known about it, they would still be out there trying to get last place.

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