2006 World PDRacer Sailboat Championship Race - Messabout

This was supposed to be a combo event, one of the parts being a classic type messabout. In previous years we have had about 15-20 boats show up of various types, but this year only a few messabouters came. Not sure if the puddle duckers scared them away, or it was just bad timing.

Cecil Carnes brought a canoe, I didn't get a picture of it.

This is a nice beauty, I didn't catch his name or the type of boat it is.

Here is a Bolger Bobcat, behind that is Gerard's "13 Foot Boat", beyond that in blue is Noel Nichol's Cortez 16, and off to the left is Chris Lancon's Snipe.

Tim Webber's Sea Pearl 21 (in the back), Gerard in the foreground.

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