2006 World PDRacer Sailboat Championship Race - Playoff 2

Both Phil and I had brought almost identical sails, his 75 sqft from tarp and my 83 sqft from tyvek. The wind was blowing so high at 9am when we started the playoff races that both of us had decided to use the much smaller loaner sails - the bolger 59sqft sprit sails. A few of the guys asked when we were going to have the final race, I replied that if everyone was here and we finished the playoff races early, then we could do the big race early, but worst case scenario we would run at 2pm latest like I had published on the website - I knew a few had made plans after the race to head home to be back in time for family commitments. The following day was mothers day, and since I am married too, I know certain things actually are more important than sailing. :)

With poor sewing and construction job I did with the sails, I wasted a bunch of time repairing them, plus with the rescue missions it was 1:45pm. Didn't have time for me to compete against Andrew for the first loaner boat, so I forfieted that series giving Andrew the boat. Plus I had previously competed in a world championship, I was really glad to see Andrew get his first seat in the big race.

Phil gave me the inside spot, we did a count down and shoved off. The wind had been dying down for the past hour and was very light with just a few gusts left. We went side by side down to the mark and I was able to cross it first, making my trek back. Phil swung wide and then the wind died. I know I was wishing that I had switched to the big sail, and pretty sure that Phil was too. Ghosting along we tacked back and forth, I leaned my hull way over to leeward trying that trick, but Phil was able to just slide by me and take the first lap.

The wind picked up pulling me around the bouy and down wind after Phil who was already a half a lap ahead. I sailed facing backwards to keep my weight aft and caught up to Phil just around the leeward mark and used my greater weight on the windward leg.

Nice strong wind, I pressed the rig and was able to get up to the mark ahead of Phil taking the 2nd lap just by a few boat lengths. We were steady together on the down wind side of lap 3, and just after heading around the wind started to die again.

Ghosting again back and forth we were heading for the finish line and Phil was able to climb faster.

The wind filled in again but it was curtains for me.

We got back to the beach, I congratulated Phil and the first thing he did was invite me to ride with him in the big race. I refused, he insisted, I threatened his life... :) I really apreciate the offer, but with both of us in the boat, we wouldn't be very fast, and I lost fair and square.

Next time I am using that big sail no matter what.
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