2006 World PDRacer Sailboat Championship Race - Race 1

Time for the big race !! I was going over the instructions, how the beach start works, everyone drew popsicles to determine their starting position, explaining the direction around the course marks and how they have to return between the chlorox bottle and the duck. I heard "what duck". I pointed out to the water and said "that one right there". We all looked and they had vanished !

My good buddy Tim Webber was out joy riding, saw us gather for the big start and in his hustle to get back, accidentally snagged both the duck and the chlorox bottle. Knowing he will never live this down, he proclaimed that the duck attacked HIM. Hehehee... Oh Tim will hear about this for a long time to come....

So we tossed the marks back out and put the boats in order.

Scott Widmier drew the pole position. He had an extra problem, since he built his boat in 2 days, his rudder was a fixed one and didnt' kick up, so he didn't have the option of having it face bow out.

Phil Keck 3rd spot

Bill Giles 4th spot

John Wright 5th spot

Jason Nabors 6th spot

Tim Cleary 7th spot

Andrew Creamer 8th spot

And way out on the end, Dave Sargent. I think he originally had 7 or 8, but he gave up the position in fear of getting tangled with all the other boats. It is kind of an iffy compromise, he is much further away so has longer distance to sail, and with the wind direction, if he does manage to move beyond the pack, he will be right in their wind shadow.
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