2008 South Texas Puddle Duck Race at Magnolia Beach

This was the first year that the Texas 200 was run. Although many questioned if a duck could make it, 3 duckers entered, and all three finished together !!!

This is John Wright explaining some parts of the trip.

Jason Nabors was telling me about some of the trip too, how he got stuck and had to wade through a lot of mud to free himself.

I was unable to attend the T200, but was able to come to the destination and we had a duck race.

This is the skipper meeting to exlpain the race course, how many laps etc.

All lined up.

We had a beach start, that is where one of our feet has to be on the sand which is not underwater. When the start whistle is blown, everyone shoves off and the race is on.

Here we are, playing bumper cars at the first mark. I ended up getting turned around backwards.

The leaders of the pack rounding the gate to head into their 2nd lap.

Our buoys are inflatable pool toys that are shaped like ducks. You can't see it very well, but thats what they are. In a previous race, a kid from shore thought it was a loose toy and swam out to try and retrieve one of our buoys!