2009 PDRacer World Championships - Improvised Sail Race

At the improvised sail race, you may hear reports of how Shawn and I might have been creative in our efforts to win. Things such as:

- steal Tim Cleary's boom before the captain meeting to use on our rig
- push the boat up the shore (upwind) about 50 feet before launching
- large push off the shore and dive in the boat launch
- pump the sails
- rock the boat to pump the sails
- scull with the rudder
- grab onto the kid in the inflatable kayak as he paddled by
- push off other boats to help propel us forward
- as Scott Widmier sail by in his observation boat, I kinda let the boom out to snad his rig, giving us some more help
- use our bailing bucket over the side to both fling water on competitors and propel the boat forward
- and finally, I sort of fell out of the boat at the finish line, which happened to block Tim Cleary and John Wright so they couldn't pass us and land.