Awards at $50 Sailboat Race

1st Place goes to Ken Abrahams and "Wooderaux", he was the fastest boat and reached the beach first. Way to go Ken! The award has a small plastic speed boat on top.

"Tug Boat Award" goes to Greg Rinaca for dragging us all out to the starting line. The award has a small plastic tug boat on top.

"Looks Most Like A Sailboat" goes to Skip Johnson and "ACDC" for making such a beautiful sailboat. The award has a small plastic sailboat on top.

"Catamaran Award" goes to John McKissick and "Cat Box" for building a pretty catamaran. The top award is a small plastic ferry, it sort of looks like a flat bottomed catamaran.

"Most Likely To End Up In Davey Jones's Locker" award goes to Tim Cowden and "Bed Of Nails", because his boat leaked so bad, he had to bail constantly. The award has various debris at the bottom along with a message in a bottle that says "Help!! SOS!!"

"Conglomerate Piece of Junk" award goes to Bill Tosh and "Thunder Bucket" for using a bunch of junk to create a sailboat. The award is a bunch of junk glued together.

"Get Here Faster" award goes to Andrew and "Dill Pickle", because he almost missed the race. The award has a moster truck on top of it.

I couldn't find Brett Wilde, he had already left to go with his company picinic - I had an award for him, it had a rectangular ash tray on top to signify the brick shape.

"Lingering In The Area" award goes to Doug Day and his un-named Nymph for sailing with us. The award has a stingray on it, they often linger around the beach areas.

"Hold On To Your Butt" award goes to Rebecca Watkins who was crewing with her dad in his dinghy and unfortunately veered close to the POS Hot Tub pirates and was soaked with multiple water balloons and squirt guns. Atleast we could give her an award - it has a seat belt on top.

"Rescue With Class" award goes to Ed Hempel for rescuing lost sailors and their stricken vessels, boldly dragging them back to the beach with a courteous smile. The award has a caddilac trunk ornament on it.

"Best Pirate Shipmates" go to my crew Chuck and Charles, of the POS Hot Tub. Their awards had a neat wind up submarine fish, and a flinstones car.

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