Bed Of Nails Sailboat

Tim Cowden built "Bed Of Nails". The name comes from the fact that he put the bottom on the boat the night before the messabout, and didn't have time to remove or cut off the nails sticking up thru the bottom of the boat. To remedy that situation so he could sit inside, he brought a board to place where he would sit. The rest of the nails he bent over with a hammer.

Also he brought his classic continual project "Binder Clip". This is the boat he has been modifying at the messabout for the past couple of years, it was first floated with a bunch of binder clips and plastic tarp and competed in the pirate race. The paddle was broken last year, and has been repaired with what looks like a curtain rod.

A few last minute repairs, namely sealing the bow and adding a few extra nails. With a whack or two of the hammer, Tim created a caluking cannon and squirted his shirt with caulk.

That beautiful bow piece is off a gondola boat he made for a play.

Curtain rod from the dump as a mast, bamboo for yard and boom. The one big lesson he learned from this project is to start earlier, this project was started the 6 days before the event, and the bottom was just put on at 11:59pm the night before.

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