Dill Pickle Sailboat - $50 sailboat race

Andrew built this boat, literally for FREE. He found a palate on the side of the road, also found one of the buckets and one of the water bottles. Then, got 3 more water bottles and 1 bucket from a restaurant. The poles are from a tent that was thrown away. The mast is fence pole borrowed from friend (masts are exempt), and the sail is a piece of tarp that he uses to cover up stuff in the back of his truck. The only thing that he really spent money on was the duct tape and the screws.

Will it float ?!?!?

Lets see, water is 8.2 lbs per gallon x 5 = 41 lbs per container. Now multiply by the 6 containers he has = 241 lbs displacement. The materials in the boat look like only a few pounds, and he doesn't weigh that much. Hmmm... lets see if she floats....

Whoooaaaap, Whooaaaaap, Dive, Dive, Dive !!!

Nobody got pictures of this, but after Andrew moved to the center of his boat, he was able to float on it, the free boat worked !!

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