POS Hot Tub Sailboat

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This is my boat, named "Piece Of Sh*t".

I originally was going to make a somewhat complicated boat all from plywood, but after adding up the materials there was no way I could keep the cost down. While at the dump dropping off some stuff, I saw this hottub shell and immediately knew what my sailboat was going to be. It started out with a foot well in the center, I first cut this out and made a piece of 1/2" plywood to fit the void.

I then glassed in the new bottom. That is some thick fiberglass, the shell is between 3/8 and 1/2" in places, no wonder they are so expensive!

Good old Home Depot has 16' long 2x4's, I used one to make a mast. The mast is tapered on one side, I used the left over piece for the boom.

Couple of scraps of wood for the decks, little bit of line, polytarp and creative paint job - and presto, the Jacuzzi Sailboat !

The paint scheme came from Ken Abrahams pirate racer that he brought to the messabout a couple of years ago.

I took her out for a test sail the Thursday before the race, and she really does sail. The main is way undersized, and the jib is mostly for decoration. If I were going to keep this as a real sailboat, I would definately make a lug sail of sorts to get more area.

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