$50 Sailboat Race

The original plan was to tow boats out one at a time to an anchored boat, all teathered together, then the teathers are released at the tame time. With so many boats, it kinda looked like that would take a long time to setup, so at the last minute I decided we should all hold one long line and be towed at the same time. In theory that was a great new plan!

I recruited Chuck and Charles Nichols to crew with me in the POS Hot Tub. Funny thing, as my land lubber neighbors would pass by my driveway during construction, each would ask "Do you really think it will float?". Struck me as strange that the general public at large is so out of touch with how boats float - not only does she float, there are "3 men in a tub".

That is Greg Rinaca in his Michalak Jons Boat, he is towing us all along one long line. At first, we drifted near the pilings and Greg was having a tough time steering. The problem was the line was too short for him to swing to a proper side and pull us.

With a longer leash on the cluster of boats, Greg was able to pull us in the proper direction.

Having been pulled directly up wind, Greg said "GO" and the race was on! Knowing very well that I was going to loose, I had brought a bucket full of waterballoons and pirate hats / swords. Charles, Chuck and I put on our hats, waved our swords, and started ARRRGGG-ing !!! "I am captain Shorty, and I have come to plunder your ship! Ready port cannons.... FIRE !!"

We were able to hit a couple of them before they sailed out of range. Some weren't so fortunate and were doused with the super soaker guns in addition to the balloons.

Catbox was definately one of the top boats expected to win, and with a starting point in the middle of the crowd, he really made up good time.

Very soon after the race started, the wind shifed directions and was blowing cross wise to our intended course. Well, it wasn't really blowing, it was very light winds and the slight breeze we had shifted directions.

In an amazing turn of events, Ken was making great headway ! He had a small scrap of plywood for a leeboard and slid it up and down the hull as lateral resistance.

And YES !!!! Mary Poppins WINS !!!!!

I am not sure who came in second, but I can tell you who came in dead last. :) Not only was I dead last, I was the last to be towed in!

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