Puddle Duck Race 3 - Page 1

Ken arrives with his new hump-back design, the Flipper-Top pdracer ... errr.... OH Hey, that is David Sargent's new boat Ducky.

If you notice his trailer, it used to be a tent trailer, and you can see the remnants of the door that it had on the back of the trailer. Now if Ken did a little creative building, he could use a single pdracer turned upside down as the top to a camper, and the trailer as the bottom, and end up with a nice little camper trailer.

Very nice dolly for carrying his boat around.

Here we have the whole Gulf Coast fleet, countem 6 boats !!!

Here is our beautiful spokes-model Christina Wycoff
As our official model, she reluctantly is demonstrating the new secret signal to identify yourself as a Puddle Ducker, you blow rasberries while flapping your hands like duck wings. This new greeting may turn out to be so secret that nobody will ever see another racer do it, but we thank her for giving us a proper demonstration. :)

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