Puddle Duck Race 3 - Page 4

Coming thru the line to start the 2nd lap, Ken has already cleared and was half way back to the windward mark.

Even though David has no boom, he is doing good holding 3rd place.

I see David has a pair of daggerboard slots, possibly he has a few different sail rig ideas in mind. Will be interesting to see what he brings to the next races.

David has just rounded the line to start his 2nd lap. At this point he is in 3rd place.

Doug finally regained control of his boat and sailed across the course to chase after me. He stayed right on my tail all the way to the windward mark, and we chatted a bit back and forth. Since Ken was so far ahead of me, I decided to be bold and started getting up on the side of my boat to hike out. When the gusts would come, I would lean out a bid and my pdracer really started to respond. With the hiking effort, I was able to start pulling away from Doug.

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