Puddle Duck Race 5 - Page 2

Tim Cowden brought his Binder Clip, you can see various stages of it's creation on the other messabout pages at this site. It is looking like it is almost done, but am sure that Tim will continue adding to it.

Skip Johnson is paddling his latest creation. He is the first person I ever saw use rubbermaid containers as hatch covers and watertight access ports.

True to form, the ends of this beautiful boat have a set of rubbermaid containers.

He borrowed my umbrella and gave his boat a little test with the mary poppins rig.

And later he took a short nap. Luckily he woke up before being blown to the far side of the bay.

There isn't much like the gentle rocking of a boat.

Can you believe that this boat is just a wooden frame covered in canvas that has been painted? Such a simple boat !! Its called a skin on frame kayak.

Cecil Carnes brought a couple of boats, he has been making them for a long time. This one was made with drywall fiberglass tape and liquid nails (instead of epoxy). In the extreme left you can see his green canoe. He drove all the way here from New Mexico to come to the messabout !!

This is "Calapso", it is a folding boat very similar to the mouse boat. The ends and chines are made of plain canvas that is painted.

On the left, you can see Bob William's small plastic kayak. I forgot to take a picture, but Bob also brought a stretched version of the mouse with a small sail rig.

Tim tries paddling Calapso. When carrying it at the corners, the entire boat twisted to a very funny degree.

Amazing that such a flimsy little contraption can work so good!

I tried paddling it later too, what a hoot.

Greg Rinaca is sporting a very stylish mini-skirt. Is he thinking of visiting the local bar?

Oh, that is a kayak skirt .... :)

Greg built a pair of beautiful CLC kayaks. Both of them are beautiful.

Greg and Christina live up on Lake Livingston and go alligator watching from their kayaks.

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