Puddle Duck Race 5 - Page 3

Gerard Mittelstaedt called me the night before leaving for the messabout, and while talking I learned he was going to leave his One Sheet Skiff at home. Having never seen one in person, I twisted and twisted at his arm to bring it !!!

To my great joy, he gave in pretty quickly.

Everyone I have talked with said that it would be a waste of time for me to build one because at 295 lbs I could single handedly sink it.

It only has 9-1/2" sides, and a beam of 30".

With direction from the shore, I was able to figure out the best place to sit. Previously I was either down in the bows or dragging a stern.

This is the load the boat was meant to carry.

Gerard also brought an 8' pram similar to an Optimist / D4 / Sabot.

And this is his 13' boat of self design.

Later I got to go on a ride in it, does pretty good.

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