Puddle Duck Race 6 - Page 4

Limping along with only half of a leeboard left, David rounds the leward mark and heads up for last lap.

Man, Ken sure can crawl upwind fast !!!

He rounded and is heading back, I am just to the mark.

Ken finished first.

And heads to the beach.

David rounds the mark and starts back down.

Using my "driving backwards" pose, I make it across the line. Helps keep the bow from digging in if I lean over the stern. The lever action of such a tall sail takes some work to overcome on the down wind leg. My tiller is way too long, I need to shorten it.

David crosses the line.

And in last place, Ray, using his bimini as a sail, finally comes across the line.

Naaa.... just kidding, that last picture was from earlier. Ray was anchored to the side for most of the race, sure is a nice committee boat with that bimini and bow seating.

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