Square Head Sprit Sail at Tempe Town Lake

I have always thought the square headed sails that the high end skiffs use were really sexy looking. So I decided to make one myself from tyvek.

Isn't it a nice looking sail ?

Headed out early to Tempe Town Lake to give it a try.

The wind was light, so I did a bit of rowing with one oar to head into the wide part of the lake.

Using one oar works pretty good, I leave the sail up and the rudder down, and row with just one oar. I use the rudder to counteract the force of the oar and can track straight. If a puff of wind comes along, I can store the oar in the cockpit and sail.

The sail worked pretty good, but as you can see I need more tension on the upper sprit to get rid of the crinkles.

Just incase you were wondering what the temperature was.