Sailing With Patrick and Martin at Tempe Town Lake

March 29, 2005 It was to be Martin's maiden voyage of his PDRacer, but his sail wasn't done, so we just went for a ride in mine. Went out and I showed him the basics of sailing, and used a few of the nautical terms to get him used to them.

Here is a picture of my Michalak leeboard, instead of melting the typical lead in the bottom of the board, I simply attached a bungee so that when the board is up, it pulls below the pivot point. When the board is down, it pulls above the pivot. On dry land, it doesn't have enough force to hold it up, but the combination of the bouyancy of the board and the bungee, it works pretty good.

Patrick showed up just about when I had to leave, he just bought an old sunfish and was going to take it out for the first time with his daughter.

He had made a new daggerboard for it, and while it fit in the trunk just fine on the trailer, when he tried putting it in while on the water, it just wouldn't fit !!!

So we all packed it up and headed home.

Might have been short, but any day messing about in boats beats a day that doesn't.