Info About PDRacer Registration

register your pdracer sailboat

Other sailboat classes count their members by the number of plans they sold or forum members. But somehow when you join, they never reveal who the other members are (even if you pay a membership fee) so how can you go play with them?

Our class is the opposite. PDRacer registration is free, all you need to do is send me a picture of your class legal pdracer after it went "3D", which means when the bottom is attached to the sides. That is the point when dreams and materials transform into an actual boat. If you wanted to, you could wrap the hull in plastic, launch it and go row around on the water. Take off your shirt, hold it open to catch some wind and presto you are sailing. :)

Member List

I maintain and update our membership list, so that duckers can directly contact each other, so we can all easily find each other and go play together.

If you don't want your email or other info displayed, that is fine, just let me know and I'll take care of it.

If you move or change your email address, I am glad to update the list with your current info. I am also glad to update your picture as your boat develops, just send it to me and I'll get it updated to the member directory. Info on contacting me is at the bottom of every page here at

register your pdracer sailboat

You in the picture

Since our club is about us (duckers), how about being in the picture with your duck? If you don't want to, thats fine, but I know I really enjoy seeing duckers with their boats.

Register Your Puddle Duck Racer

When your class legal PDRacer goes 3D, email me direct at: to request a hull number and send the following information that you would like to have published on the member list page.

The hull numbers are assigned in the order their info is received. I usually can get you listed weekdays within 24 hours, but sometimes it might take a little longer. I reply to your registration email with your number, however if you don't get this email, you can check the member list to see if it was listed. Also please check that I added the info properly, and let me know if it needs to be changed.

Required Information:

One Picture Of Your Boat ---
Your Name (or alias) to appear on member list ---

Optional Information:

The name of the boat (if you have picked it yet) ---
Email address for the member list ---
Country that you live in ---
State or Province you live in ---

Registration is free, to support & fund the class I rely on donations and sell HIN Plates which you write your hull number on, and then attach it to the stern of your hull. (HIN means Hull Identification Number). When you purchase a HIN plate or making a donation, you get a benefactor icon next to your name on the member list that indicates you are a direct supporter of the class. If you purchased a kit or pre-built hull, they are required to supply you with a HIN plate (info).


After You Get Your Hull Number

register your pdracer sailboat

Display Your Number

In addition to putting your number on your HIN Plate, we typically paint our hull number on each side of the bow. This is a convention with all racing sailboats, so that as we cross the finish line, it is easy for the race committee to identify who we are, and record our score. And when just sailing around for recreation, every other sailor that sees your hull, will instantly know you are in a race boat because of the bow number.

It also really helps to display your hull number on your sail. For tarp sails, duckers commonly use duct tape and make large block numbers. For those that have dacron sails, they commonly use vinyl letters that stick on.

pdracer-com on the stern transom on the stern of your boat

Please consider putting "" on the stern of your boat to help promote our club. When trailering down the freeway, many people will see your boat and having the website listed on the back will show them how to get involved, so we all have more people to sail with.

pdracer sailboat hull number

Keeping Your Hull Number

Often when we first start building a boat, we have goals and dreams about the way it should be, and after we have been working with her for a while, sometimes those ideals & goals change. The PDRacer is a boat which you can continually tinker with and modify to meet your current needs, and sometimes we need to build an entire new hull to replace one that the weather has degraded, or to explore a new configuration that you would rather have.

Your hull number is sort of like a football jersey number, your jersey might get torn up in a game, but the number stays the same for the next game, even though it is a new jersey. You might fly different sails, reconfigure it, or build an entire new replacement hull, but your hull number stays the same so everyone watching will always know it is you because they can clearly see your number.

All you need to do is move the hin plate over to the new hull and it will continue your current registration. If you need to take a break for a while and can't keep your hull, like for instance when moving, simply remove the plate and when you get a chance, build a new hull and put then put the plate on it.

After the HIN Plate has been removed from a hull, the hull is then considered "materials" and someone else may use that hull for a new registration. The new owner applies for a new number so they won't be mistaken for the previous owner. If you have multiple hulls that you use concurrently, those would each need their own individual hull number.

Removal from member list

At any time you are welcome to request to be removed from the member list. I am glad to remove your email address and/or change your name to an alias - or remove the listing completely. Also if you abuse our community resources or do something else that is detrimental to the class, I may remove you from the member list at my sole discretion.