Iron On Puddle Duck Logos

The graphic shown on the HIN plate is the official class logo.

You can make your own shirts, bags hats etc, all you need to do is print the image in reverse onto iron on transfer sheets, then use a clothes iron to apply it to your t-shirt. There are many youtube vidoes that demonstrate how to do this.

The graphics are for you to download and use personally, you may not use them for commercial purposes. I have restrictions on items for sale and use of the PDRacer Trademark.

Grid System To Scale Logo To Large Size

If you want to transfer a logo or drawing to a larger scale such as painting your sail or hull, there is a neat technique called the grid system for transferring the image. Basically what you do is draw a grid over the original image, and then draw a bigger grid over the target area. Then you use the squares in the grid to help you draw the image in the target area.