Tools To Take Sailing With You

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Because of the experimental nature of our boats, I'd suggest you take some tools & supplies with you.

Multi-tool - the one I carry has several screw drivers and plyers so I can do various repairs. I always wear my life jacket, which has a belt that goes around the mid section. I have my multi-tool in the sheath, right there on my life jacket's belt, so it always goes with me, even if I go sailing with someone else on their boat. I also have a small loop of line attached to the tool, so when I use it, I have the loop around my wrist incase I drop it, I won't loose it in the drink.

Small Crescent Wrench - so I can hold one side of a bolt or nut, and use the multi-tool to drive the other side. It also has the loop of line for my wrist.

Spare line and a Gimlet - there is an old saying, a sailor could do anything as long as he has some line. This is close to be true, there are tons of things you can improvise on a boat with just a piece of line, but it really helps to be able to drill a hole in a piece of wood. I carry a gimlet, which is a hole starting tool. If I need a bigger hole, I can make it larger with the multi-tool.

Bottle with spare screws - I have a small plastic bottle that I carry various screws and small items just incase something from my boat or sail rig gets loosened and falls in the water.

Epoxy Putty - If you punch a hole in your hull, you can often repair it by either stuffing a rag or plugging the hole up, or you can wrap something around the outside of the hull. I have more info about this on the Emergency Floatation Page. That being said, it is also great to have epoxy putty on hand. It comes in a cylinder, looks like 2 halves of different color clay and when you cut off a piece and mix the two parts together, the epoxy starts to kick and you can make various repairs with it.

Kayak Knife ( dive knife ) - Sewn right to the front of my lifejacket is a kayak knife that has a plastic clip sheath so if I need to free myself, I can quickly grab the knife and cut lines. I am glad to say that I've only HAD to use it in an emergency situation a couple of times.