Brick Grout - join 2 hull together to make a long scow

Bolger Brick Grout - join 2 boats together

Phil Bolger designed the "Brick" which is a box boat, just like the PDRacer is. Here are the differences between a Bolger Brick and PDRacer

Bolger came up with this neat idea called a "Grout", which joins two of the Bricks together. The Grout is simply box that has extended lengths to each end to make a flat spot between the stern and bow of the joined boats. The grout has it's own elephant ear leeboards and the sails from both boats are used at the same time.

The key to how the Grout works, is the little metal triangular tab. Those tabs are screwed to each hull, and the part on the grout is bolted on. Bolger suggested this idea, however he also suggested an innovative boat builder might find a better solution.

The center section has a water tight storage compartment, but the extended lengths that go under the boats is free flooding.

The original plans suggest that an ideal way to use this configuration is to take a picnic lunch in the storage area, and sail to a secluded beach. Mom and Dad in the aft boat, kids and dog in the forward boat. After arriving at the special location, the grout is disconnected and setup on the beach and everyone can enjoy lunch. Then the kids can race each other around that area. When finished, join everything back together again and sail back to the boat ramp.