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Puddle Duck Racer  623

Alberni PDRacer Club #623 "John D" (2es 1eo 2ea 18ad 3ar)
British Columbia,Canada

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Events Organized (1)
2 duckers 2012-09-26

Events Attended (2)

Articles (3)

Associated Duckers (18)
Chris Bright #629 (1ea)
Avery and Anthony Jansma #632 "Red Snapper" (1ea)
Rick Bonnell #636 "Quincey" (2ea)
Kenn Whiteman #645 "Rotary One" (2ea)
Trina Cote #648 "Aquaholic" (2ea)
109 RCSCC ALBERNI #649 "ALBERNI 1" (1ea)
Michael Sparrow #650 "Rotary 2" (1ea)
Dave Zyrd #651 "Nanoo" (1ea)
109 RCSCC ALBERNI #652 "ALBERNI 2" (1ea)
Alberni Kiwanis #673 "Kiwanis One" (1ea)
Alberni Navy League #674 "Frances Barnacle" (1ea)
Alberni Toy Run #675 "Herzog's Hog" (1ea)
Carolyn Ness #676 "NAUTY DUCK" (2ea)
Amanda and Jacob Salvage #679 "Rubber Duckie" (2ea)
Alexander Miller and Peter Ferguson #680 "The Red Baron" (4ea 2ad 2ar)
Port Alberni Boston Pizza #688 "Boston Pizza Duck" (1ea)
Alberni Kiwanis #702 "Kiwanis Two" (1ea)
Don Dufour #721 "PLAYTIME" (2ea)

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An event is a calendar day when duckers gather and see each other in person. When posting an article about an event, you can list the person who organized the event, the date of that event and the hull numbers of the duckers you saw at the event. Event size / organized / attended are derived from those articles. Associated duckers come from the articles you post, the others you list as having seen at events are counted as your associated duckers.