Pirate Poker Sailboat Race

The object of this game is to make the best poker hand that you can. The way you get cards, is either by visiting an anchored boat, or by "attacking" another boat. The game is run for an hour or two, and at the end of the time everyone comes back to shore to see who has the best hand.

Boat Setup for Competitors

Everyone has a 20' long line attached to the back of their boat with a floating bottle of some kind. You can sail or use oars

Setup Anchored Boats

You will want to have 2 or more anchored boats that hand out cards. The more anchored boats, the better. It would proably be best to have them anchored across wind from each other, so it is easy to go from one boat to the other.

Get Cards From Anchored Boat

Every time a ducker visits a boat, they get handed one random card. The ducker can't get another card from this anchored boat until they have visited another anchored boat.

Get Cards By Attacking Other Duckers

Here is the fun part - if you can sail up behind another ducker and grab their line, then you have won the battle between you and them, and they must surrender one card to you.

When playing this game, duckers naturally start doing several different strategies. Sometimes one ducker will persue another ducker way across the lake. Sometimes duckers will focus on visiting anchored boats and avoiding everyone else. Sometimes duckers hide by dropping their sail rig and sitting behind one of the anchored boats, emerging right after another ducker gets their card.

Its a hilariously fun game!!