Making A Little ProgressTyson "Jemima"
Newspaper article about duck worlds 2013Finlayson Family  "Jemima"
Update From Cortez - PDR On DisplayJohn Beale  "Shore Enough"
First Cut FeverTim Keen "Feisty Too"
Raid Buffalo Run Park - Houston SDVMHEric Comstock  "un-named"
April Hatch - Florida Maritime MuseumJohn Beale  "Shore Enough"
Buffalo Run Park Race CourseEric Comstock  "un-named"
Local Fleet OrganizersGuest Articles ""
Spring 2013 Race Schedule - Houston Space Duck
Viking Marauder Horde Fleet
Eric Comstock  "un-named"
Houston Space Duck Viking Marauder Horde FleetEric Comstock  "un-named"
Updated PDR 766 PhotosRobin Schoch  "Teal"
Pictures Of My DuckTim Hudson  "Edmund Fitzgerald"
Cleveland Boat Show - CABBSJohn Bridges  "Lavender Duck"
Missouri HatchTim Hudson  "Edmund Fitzgerald"
Houston Hatch - Started 3 HullsEric Comstock  "un-named"
Lake Arthur Regatta 2013 UpdateJohn Bridges  "Lavender Duck"
Building Mini-Duck Part 2Guest Articles ""
Trip Report and New Land Transport MethodMike Buchanan "Duck Dodgers"
Florida Maritime Museum Boat Building ClassJohn Beale  "Shore Enough"
Duck Dodgers Goes SailingMike Buchanan "Duck Dodgers"
Building Mini-DuckGuest Articles ""
PDRacer #287 End Of Year ReportDave Sanborn "Duck Soup"
Ducking In FloridaDave Gray  "Dangerous Duck"
Duck Sailing VideosPaul Cook "Catchin Waves"
A Hatch In Houston!Eric Comstock  "un-named"
Weasel Duck emerges from Kiwi egg!David Whitworth and Pamel...  "Weasel Duck"
Building #759 (cutting out chine logs and side
panels with a template and a router)
Eric Comstock  "un-named"
Bringing Ducking Back To HoustonEric Comstock  "un-named"
Thanksgiving At Dave Lucas Boat Shop and Happy
Hour Club
Stan Terryll "Florida Cracker"
BYE BYE DUCKJohn Bridges  "Lavender Duck"
Sea HawkTim Diller "Sea Hawk"
Sailing In The Czech RepublicRadek Domin "Psi Bouda"
BLSA Inaugural Puddle Duck RegattaTim Fry "USS NIMITZ"
Folding Seat DesignRaylynn Driskell "un-named"
PUDDLE DUCK # 671 “Quack”Ric Altfather  "un-named"
Lake Arthur Regatta 2013John Bridges  "Lavender Duck"
Annual Miles ChallengeDave Sanborn "Duck Soup"
Sailing Belton Lake - TexasDave Sanborn "Duck Soup"
Puddle Duck Train ChallengeJohn Beale  "Shore Enough"
Puddle Duck Test ClassJohn Beale  "Shore Enough"
Building and Sailing of PDR 682Tom Lynch  "NO WORRIES"
Building PicturesRadek Domin "Psi Bouda"
Lanie Goes 3DLanie Jones "un-named"
Stans 38 Pound Foam PDRacerStan Terryll "Florida Cracker"
Quacker - Stans DuckStan Terryll "Florida Cracker"
Sailing Stans DuckStan Terryll "Florida Cracker"
Sailing Le Cou RougeWill Taylor "Le Cou Rouge"
Fighting Duck RotDave Sanborn "Duck Soup"
Boat Building Class - January 2013John Beale  "Shore Enough"
Put The Decks OnJohn Beale  "Shore Enough"
Blue Away - First SailDoug Reuter "Blue Away"
Blue Away - Building 2Doug Reuter "Blue Away"
Blue Away - BuildingDoug Reuter "Blue Away"
Building Raptor Hull #703 - Part 3 - Rigging The
Joel Rodgers "Raptor"
Harbor Days EventAlexander Miller and Pete...  "The Red Baron"
Plywood Classic Regatta 2012Brian Hurst "un-named"
Septemberfest 2012 - Friends Of Yellow CreekKen Sherwood  "PhDabbler"
First SailMark Anderson "Duck Sloop"
Sea Flea PicturesJason Nabors (retired) "TENACIOUS TURTLE"
1/10 Scale PDR Model From Slab Of FoamGuest Articles ""
Illinois State Fair PDRacer Hatch and DemoGuest Articles ""
Fanshawe Yacht Club - 2ND Annual Plywood Classic
Puddle Duck Regatta
Brian Hurst "un-named"
First Launch and Testing Fusion Plastic Spray
Morgan Reynolds "The Tissue Box"
Building The Hull 735Kevin and Ben Dobson "un-named"
First Day SailingRaylynn Driskell "un-named"
Central Illinois Fleet - Preliminary InquiryGuest Articles ""
Building Raptor Hull #703 - Part 2Joel Rodgers "Raptor"
Building Raptor Hull #703 - Part 1Joel Rodgers "Raptor"
Video Of 2012 World Championship RaceJohn Bridges  "Lavender Duck"
Red Baron Sails Port AlberniAlexander Miller and Pete...  "The Red Baron"
Pictures From 2012 Championship 2Richard Frye, Capt. AHAB "WET ROOSTER"
Pictures From 2012 Championship 1Richard Frye, Capt. AHAB "WET ROOSTER"
Building and Sailing Kluster DuckJim Allen  "KLUSTER DUCK"
First Annual Port Alberni RegattaAlberni PDRacer Club "John D"
Pictures from 2012 World Championship RaceJohn Bridges  "Lavender Duck"
Video Timelapse of building Pond StalkerChris Jones and Tucker Jo...  "Pond Skater"
Brookville Lake Sailing Association RegattaPaul Hemker  "un-named"
Mountain Mama RegattaBob Richards - Sewell Mou...  "la mia anatra"
Starting A New Fleet In West VirginiaBob Richards - Sewell Mou... "Soapy"
612 Finally Hits The WaterChristopher Molnar "Royal Mallard"
Sailing With My DaughterJoe Marinello "un-named"
Cape Cod PDRacer ChallengeNick Nobili  "D Stupid Boat"
My first time sailing Le Vilain CanardDonny Verdin "Le Vilain Canard"
Ducks Flocking Together In PennsylvaniaRichard Frye, Capt. AHAB "WET ROOSTER"
PDRacer Wheelbarrow to Tricycle ConversionWes Lewis  "Laurie Lee"
Demo at Home DepotRichard Frye, Capt. AHAB "WET ROOSTER"
Building 3 Ducks - First One CompletedJim Dickinson  "un-named"
Side Float TestTR "Dixie Duck"
My Wheelbarrow PDR --- Another Way to Transport a
Wes Lewis  "Laurie Lee"
Remembering Phil BolgerWes Lewis  "Laurie Lee"
Sailing Grapevine Lake TexasMatt Richardson "TreasureHunter"
ECDuck Modifications After The EC - Roller ReefingScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
The Most Unusual Use Of A PDRacerSteve Blair "Squirt"
Starcatcher and Moldy DuckKaitlyn & John Herr "Starcatcher"
Footy Remote Control PDRacer SailboatTim Cleary "Mary E"
PD Pirate Joins The FleetRicky Idlett "PD Pirate"
Green Machine Rowing Seat and Take Apart OarsFrank Woods "Green Machine"
Green Machine Removable Motor MountFrank Woods "Green Machine"
Gedeon SailsCharles Herfray  "GEDEON"
Everglades Challenge 2012 ResultsGuest Articles ""

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