First Annual Port Alberni RegattaAlberni PDRacer Club "John D"
Pictures from 2012 World Championship RaceJohn Bridges  "Lavender Duck"
Video Timelapse of building Pond StalkerChris Jones and Tucker Jo...  "Pond Skater"
Brookville Lake Sailing Association RegattaPaul Hemker  "un-named"
Mountain Mama RegattaBob Richards - Sewell Mou...  "la mia anatra"
Starting A New Fleet In West VirginiaBob Richards - Sewell Mou... "Soapy"
612 Finally Hits The WaterChristopher Molnar "Royal Mallard"
Sailing With My DaughterJoe Marinello "un-named"
Cape Cod PDRacer ChallengeNick Nobili "D Stupid Boat"
My first time sailing Le Vilain CanardDonny Verdin "Le Vilain Canard"
Ducks Flocking Together In PennsylvaniaRichard Frye, Capt. AHAB "WET ROOSTER"
PDRacer Wheelbarrow to Tricycle ConversionWes Lewis  "Laurie Lee"
Demo at Home DepotRichard Frye, Capt. AHAB "WET ROOSTER"
Building 3 Ducks - First One CompletedJim Dickinson  "un-named"
Side Float TestTR "Dixie Duck"
My Wheelbarrow PDR --- Another Way to Transport a
Wes Lewis  "Laurie Lee"
Remembering Phil BolgerWes Lewis  "Laurie Lee"
Sailing Grapevine Lake TexasMatt Richardson "TreasureHunter"
ECDuck Modifications After The EC - Roller ReefingScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
The Most Unusual Use Of A PDRacerSteve Blair "Squirt"
Starcatcher and Moldy DuckKaitlyn & John Herr "Starcatcher"
Footy Remote Control PDRacer SailboatTim Cleary "Mary E"
PD Pirate Joins The FleetRicky Idlett "PD Pirate"
Green Machine Rowing Seat and Take Apart OarsFrank Woods "Green Machine"
Green Machine Removable Motor MountFrank Woods "Green Machine"
Gedeon SailsCharles Herfray  "GEDEON"
Video of EC Duck During Everglades ChallengeScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
Gedeon Airbox DetailsCharles Herfray  "GEDEON"
Scouting Muskrat Cove - Site of Next World
Richard Frye, Capt. AHAB "WET ROOSTER"
New Boat DollyRichard Frye, Capt. AHAB "WET ROOSTER"
Gedeon Movable MastCharles Herfray  "GEDEON"
DIY Sailboat Cleats and Tiller TamerRichard Frye, Capt. AHAB "WET ROOSTER"
Front Page - Alberni Valley NewsAlberni PDRacer Club "John D"
Video - Local TV Interview for Hatch PreparationsAlberni PDRacer Club "John D"
Building Demonstration At Home DepotJohn Bridges  "Lavender Duck"
Front Page News - AGAIN !!John Bridges  "Lavender Duck"
Plywood For Puddle DucksJohn Bridges  "Lavender Duck"
Video - Elephant Butte Poker RunPaul Cook "Catchin Waves"
Building Green MachineFrank Woods "Green Machine"
Video - Final Test SailScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
Video - Building True NorthBill MacPherson "True North"
You are sailing a sofa Dave!Dave Sanborn "Duck Soup"
Quacker Box Goes SailingFrank Coletta  "Quacker Box"
Musings of DuckNDiveChris Oosthuizen "Duck'nDive"
Finishing ProgressScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
New Seat and AnchorScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
GEDEON - A Revolution BeginsCharles Herfray  "GEDEON"
PD Racer Build or Wow Did I Learn a LotDave Booth "un-named"
First Overnight Sail Trip ReportScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
Sail Controls and Oarlock PlacementScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
The PandG EC AdventurePatrick Johnson "REDRUM DUCK"
Leak Test First Sail of 618 Happy AdventureGene Berry "Not Much"
The making of #618 Happy Adventure - Or Plan BGene Berry "Not Much"
The 4 p's Which Are The Key To SuccessChris Oosthuizen "Duck'nDive"
ECDuck - Building The DodgerScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
Video - ECDuck - Second Test SailScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
ECDuck - First Test Sail and Tweaks NeededScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
Video of ECDuck First Test SailScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
ECDuck - The Build Continues 5Scott Widmier  "Half and Half"
ECDuck - The Build Continues 4Scott Widmier  "Half and Half"
Dangerous Duck Plans and WorkshopDave Gray  "Dangerous Duck"
ECDuck - The Build Continues 3Scott Widmier  "Half and Half"
ECDuck - The Build Continues 2Scott Widmier  "Half and Half"
ECDuck - The Build Continues 1Scott Widmier  "Half and Half"
Video of Sailing Odd DuckJohn Burton "ODD DUCK"
Le Cou RougeWill Taylor "Le Cou Rouge"
Video of True NorthBill MacPherson "True North"
ECDuck - The Build StartsScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
True NorthBill MacPherson "True North"
PersistenceThomas Mauer "Water Dancer"
Lumber to Lake in 5 DaysJohn Bridges  "Lavender Duck"
EC PDRacer Design Idea 2Scott Widmier  "Half and Half"
BustedPatrick Johnson "REDRUM DUCK"
Sailing To A ChampionshipBrad Hickman "Lucky Duck"
Spontaneous CombustionDave Gray  "Dangerous Duck"
Sailing 572Bryan Young "not picked yet"
New Design Ideas for expedition PDRacerScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
Everglades Challenge 2012 SDDP RaceScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
Everglades Challenge 2012Scott Widmier  "Half and Half"
Pics 2011 World ChampionshipPatrick Johnson "REDRUM DUCK"
Sailboat Dolly For A PDRacer 2Richard Frye, Capt. AHAB "WET ROOSTER"
Video of sailing Treasure HunterMatt Richardson "TreasureHunter"
Video of sailing Pea SoupTerry McGleish "Pea Soup"
Puddle Ducks at World Championship 2011 - Page 5Gene Berry "Not Much"
Puddle Ducks at World Championship 2011 - Page 4Gene Berry "Not Much"
Puddle Ducks at World Championship 2011 - Page 3Gene Berry "Not Much"
Puddle Ducks at World Championship 2011 - Page 1Gene Berry "Not Much"
Puddle Ducks at World Championship 2011 - Page 1Gene Berry "Not Much"
The true account of PDRacer Dave Zumwalt sailing
#553 in his first ever race
David Zumwalt "Deezee Duck"
Puddle Duck Worlds 2011 at Sail OklahomaScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
Videos of sailing in some gusty windsScott Widmier  "Half and Half"
Video of Fred Marengo sailing FlotsamFred Marengo "Mangrove Motel"
Quick Mast and Spars From PVCPaul Herting  "Huey"
Noel Nichols video from 2010 Texas 200John Monroe "GO"
Front Page NewsJohn Bridges  "Lavender Duck"
Sailboat Dolly For A PDRacerRichard Frye, Capt. AHAB "WET ROOSTER"
Offset Centerboard TrunkPaul Herting  "Huey"
Life from the center of the Channel - Puddle Ducks
dont need wind
Thomas Mauer "Water Dancer"
Design of PDRacer #572 - Looking for an UltralightBryan Young "not picked yet"
First Launch of SquizzleduckJulian Fisk  "SquizzleDuck"

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