Puddle Duck Racer Tradition of Home Made Trophies

lots of puddle duck trophies

duck trophy

The puddle duck class has a tradition that for all of our events, everyone brings a homemade trophy and puts it into a pile. The first place winner gets to pick out a trophy first, then the second place etc, all the way to last place.

Our trophies embody very important concepts. It takes a lot of effort to build a duck and attend an event. So for all those duckers who made that effort, the trophy is a lasting reminder to say thank you for joining with us to get out there and make the fun times happen.

The importance of it being homemade, is that turns it into a unique personal message from one ducker to another. A trophy purchased from a store can be purchased by anyone, and identical ones are sitting there on the shelf ready to be given to anyone else in the world. All of our trophies are unique in that nobody else can get an identical one, it was made by another ducker, and shared with you, because you are also a ducker & part of our community.

It takes even more effort to train and prepare your boat to race effectively. For those that make the extra effort to race seriously, the competitive placement (score) is the recognition of your effort and can be proudly displayed on the trophy you pick out.

By trying as hard as you can and cherishing the placement you earned, you give meaning to the competition. That placement then becomes much more than how good you are & how much effort you put into your boat, it is a statement of respect to the other duckers who also put forth serious effort to race and gives their placements meaning. Working hard and putting forth a bunch of effort together, the reward that everyone walks away with is much greater.