Videos of sailing in some gusty winds

Scott Widmier and Steve Gully took their puddle ducks out on a gusty day. You can see the swirly conditions as they sail about.

This is a video from another ducker Stan, who took his PDRacer out in some winds of 15 to 20 with gusts above that. The cameraman is sheltered from the wind, that is why you can hear him speak instead of the howling wind. This video does a great job of showing how stable a duck is.

You will notice in the beginning of the video, a gust catches the sail and does a pretty good yank on the hull, but doesn't knock him over. That is one of the great things about the duck, she has a very stable hull and is difficult to knock over.

Towards the middle of the video, you can see that as the speed increases, he starts to do a little pig rooting. As you can see, when the hull starts to pig root, it just slows the hull down a bit, and as soon as he adjusts his weight aft a bit, the hull immediately speeds up again. More info about pig rooting on the make your duck go fast page

And right at the end of the video, notice the mast and boom. It is made from PVC !!