Puddle Duck Reunion 3rd and 4th August 2013

Greetings Friends and Puddle Duckers,

As you all know the Lake Arthur Regatta (Saturday, 3rd, and Sunday, 4th August) which takes place on the South Shore of the park, is almost here. There are so many activities involved - food and craft vendors offering their wares, and a variety of events showcasing the wonderful recreational and educational opportunities which are available at Moraine State Park. And, of course, the fireworks on Saturday evening.

Moraine Sailing Club will again have an information booth on the South Shore with brochures, some "show-and-tell" displays including boats, ropes, knots etc., which will enable the thousands of visitors to realize that they also can enjoy the possibilities of getting involved in sailing. The club needs a few more volunteers to spend a couple of hours at the information booth to help to pass out information (brochures etc.) and to make a note of names of those who might be interested in learning to sail, or who would love to build a Puddle Duck, or a canoe. Let us know if you would like to be part of the activities.

Last year we had an impressive number of "Puddle Ducks", which looked both colorful and fun, and certainly caused a lot of interest, and we are hoping that a good many of them, will show up again this year, not only to quack about what they have been doing since last year, but also to show the expected crowds what enjoyment Puddle Ducks can give. Perhaps the older Ducks didn't know that we have built 4 more in the past few weeks. At one point we had thought of having some relay racing, but if that sounds too organized we can show the other park visitors what fun it can be to just "mess about in boats" - especially when the boats in question are our cute little Puddle Ducks.

2014 is a long way off, but plans are already being made for the Pittsburgh Regatta at the Point. I have received an enquiry from the organizing committee asking if there could be Puddle Duck event. Might you be interested to sail a Puddle Duck on the River? Some people have expressed concern about the current - but in actual fact it is negligible. Barge traffic has also been mentioned as a possible problem, but it would be temporarily suspended. And, of course, there would be "Safety Boats" to keep an eye on you'uns. We have sailed at the Point several times and it is always a unique occasion to be on the water almost in the middle of the city surrounded by tall buildings. Please let me know if you might be interested, without feeling that you are committed irrevocably .At this stage of the planning it is thought that trophies would be awarded, that there would be a meal provided for all participants and extensive media coverage.

If you want to be part of the fun of the Regatta the first weekend of August this year, contact John or Sheila Bridges (brimor@aol.com) or Ken Andrews (kandrews84us@yahoo.com) for more information.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

John Bridges