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Puddle Duck Racer  512

John Bridges #512 "Lavender Duck" (28es 18eo 20ea 43ad 50ar)

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Events Organized (18)
2 duckers 2011-04-02
1 duckers 2011-08-06
2 duckers 2011-07-03
2 duckers 2012-05-06
4 duckers 2012-05-15
28 duckers 2012-08-04
8 duckers 2012-08-02
10 duckers 2012-08-03
2 duckers 2012-09-29
1 duckers 2012-11-21
2 duckers 2013-01-21
1 duckers 2013-08-05
1 duckers 2013-10-04
1 duckers 2014-02-07
1 duckers 2014-03-21
1 duckers 2014-04-14
8 duckers 2014-08-11
1 duckers 2016-01-16

Events Attended (20)

Articles (50)

Associated Duckers (43)
Dave Gray #100 "Dangerous Duck" (3es 1eo 6ea 2ad 8ar)
Scott Widmier #104 "Half and Half" (2es 1eo 7ea 2ad 23ar)
Rick Landreville #136 "Monstrosity" (4ea)
Dave Gray #199 (3ea)
Cecilia Sherwood #351 "Zepplin-PDR" (2ea)
Steve Gully - Earlfixit #415 "Mystery2" (5ea)
Morgan Reynolds #463 "The Tissue Box" (1ea 1ar)
Captain Ken #523 "Block Duck" (2ea)
Richard Frye, Capt. AHAB #527 "WET ROOSTER" (6ea 9ad 14ar)
Ken Sherwood #529 "PhDabbler" (4ea 1ad 2ar)
Matt Baumer and family #532 (1ea)
G. Smith #533 "A Foat Under the Boat" (1ea)
Thomas Mauer #537 "Water Dancer" (2ea 2ad 12ar)
Chrissie Chojnicki #540 "The Pink Pearl !" (4ea)
Wayne Reynolds #552 "K. P. Sally" (1ea)
Nick and Mitchell Quartz #577 "Blame it on Buffett" (1ea)
Cindy Fischer #579 "The Coral" (1ea)
Wally and Tina Dunkle #581 "Rednek Yawt" (2ea)
Brian and Ashley #584 "Hagar The Horrible" (1ea)
Mike Instone #599 "Duck-n Around" (3ea)
C' BAM! #600 (3ea)
James Farris #637 "Just Ducky" (1ea)
Carla Phillips #657 "Bucket List" (3ea)
Becky Kanar #658 (3ea)
George Miller #671 "Quack" (2es 1eo 2ea 1ad 1ar)
Al Huntley #672 "Kobayashi Maru" (1ea)
Friends of Yellow Creek #689 "Eagle" (1ea)
Friends of Yellow Creek #690 "Scout" (1ea)
Clara Sherwood #694 "Piranha" (2ea)
Ned Asplundh #707 (2ea)
Donald G. Smith Jr. M.D. #714 "Pato Real" (1ea)
Jim Jackson and Grandchildren Hayden and Violet #718 "TOOTHLESS DUCK" (1ea 1ar)
George Uehling #719 (2ea)
Tom Kocher #722 "Jonah" (1ea)
Butler Outdoor Club #881 "Duckzilla" (1ea 1ar)
Lake Arthur Regatta #889 (2ea)
Tessa Haneline #895 (1ea)
Andrew and Daniel Tabas #937 (1ea)
Gabe Sheridan #938 "Stanley" (1ea)
Dan Weaver #939 "Duccaneer" (1ea)
Dylan Walter Douthett #944 "RMS Irony" (1ea)
Bill (Dad) and Liam (Son) Gnadt #946 "Legend" (1ea)
Tom and Tammy Mysliwiec #947 "The Flying Duckman" (1ea)

Event Size / Events Organized / Events Attended / Associted Duckers
An event is a calendar day when duckers gather and see each other in person. When posting an article about an event, you can list the person who organized the event, the date of that event and the hull numbers of the duckers you saw at the event. Event size / organized / attended are derived from those articles. Associated duckers come from the articles you post, the others you list as having seen at events are counted as your associated duckers.