2014 World Championship Plans

Hi Shorty,

After lengthy consideration of all available options the "Houston Horde" has decided to hold the 2014 Puddle Duck World Championship Race at Magnolia Beach on Saturday, 6-14-2014. Magnolia Beach was the site of the 2006 PDR World championship Race and has excellent facilities. The date was chosen to coincide with the completion of the 2014 Texas200 on 6-13-2014.

We are planning a full three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 6-13-2014 -> 6-15-2014) of fun. So anyone who shows up before the race or stays after will have plenty to do. So please let everyone know to put this on their calendars as they will not want to miss it.

We have some new and exciting things planned for this year which we will be revealing over the next several weeks. So be sure to watch for those announcements!

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Update 1-29-14

Friday 6-13-2014

Early registration: 3:00Pm -> at least 7:00PM (or when we get tired or the sun goes down)

Saturday 6-14-2014

Registration: 8:00 AM -> 11:00 AM on Saturday 6-14-2014.
If you arrive after 11:00 AM on 6-14-2014 there is no guarantee that you will have the opportunity to register your hull for the race.

All registrants will have their hull measured for conformity to class rules. If any hull is found to be out of compliance, that owner will be informed of the reason. If the owner chooses to make adjustments and returns before registration is over, the hull will be re-checked.

Any PDR owners with hull designs which will be difficult to measure (full length bilge boards come to mind) are asked to arrive early or contact us ahead of time to allow for a proper measurement to be made.

All captains are required to have their hull number displayed in a prominent place. "Prominent" will be left up to the judgment of race staff. Captains may be required to place their hull number on their hull or sail using duct tape at race staffs digression.

One home made trophy must be submitted for each registered PDR. Please have your trophies ready ahead of time.

In addition any attendee, spectator, racer or passerby will be allowed to participate in the FREE registration for the "Grand Prize", a fully functional Puddle Duck Racer. This PDR will be awarded to one registrant, drawn at random on Sunday 6-15-2014 at Noon. You must be present and have the winning ticket to claim this prize.

Donations to help defray the cost of the 2014 Puddle Duck Racer World Championship Race will be gratefully accepted at the registration table. If you would like to receive recognition for your donation, please place it in an envelope with your name on it. Anonymous donations do not need envelopes.

8:00 AM -> 4:00 PM Saturday 6-14-2014 spectator judging.
All PDR's with hull numbers (racing or not) will be judged by spectators in a variety of categories. Spectators will be able to pick up ballots at the registration table. All Ballots must be turned in by 4:00PM Saturday 6-14-2014. Prizes will be awarded for the following categories: Prizes will also be awarded for:

11:00 AM Saturday 6-14-2014 Captains meeting

12:00 Noon Saturday 6-14-2014 The Main Event
Regardless of "Official" registration status, all PDR's with hull numbers are invited to take part in the World Championship Race. Only officially registered, measured and conforming hulls will be eligible for places on the official score card. Non-Registered hull must delay their start until all registered hulls have crossed the starting line. A second "start" signal will be made for those participants.

The World Championship Race will be comprised of two heats. Each Heat will consist of 2 Laps around a course marked by Buoys. The first heat will start at 12:00 Noon Saturday 6-14-2014. There will be at least a 30 minute break between the first and second Heats. 10 minute and 2 minute warnings will be given before each race. We will follow the "Coots" racing rules. Scoring will be determined by the standard PDR low point scoring system as outlined here: low point scoring system

2:00 -> 4:00 PM
If time and conditions allow we will have an additional "No Hands" race during this time frame. If conditions are not favorable for a "No Hands" race, another race of equally silly nature may be substituted.

5:00 PM Saturday Awards ceremony:
In accordance with Puddle Duck tradition, race participants will be allowed to choose their own trophies from those supplied by participants. Each race participant will get their turn choosing based on their ranking.

Spectator Awards:
Trophies will be awarded based on spectator votes in the categories mentioned above.

6:00 PM Saturday 6-14-2014 Free Hamburger and Hotdog feast for all participants, families and friends.

Sunset: Bonfire! All attendees are asked to bring firewood for the bonfire.

Sunday 6-15-2014

9:00 AM Sail making Class hosted by Polysail international. Taught by Dave Gray.

10:00 AM Improvised sail construction begins:
Each participating team member(2 person teams) will be asked to make a $10 donation to cover the cost of materials. Dave Gray will supply the materials. Each team will be allow 30 minutes to construct and rig their sail.

10:30 Improvised sail race: Rules to follow.

12:00 Noon The lucky winner of the free, fully functional PDR
Will be drawn at random from among those registered for this prize. You must be present and have your ticket to claim this prize. If the winner does not step forward to claim this prize within 2 minutes, a new name will be drawn. This will continue until a winner steps forward. If your ticket number is called and you do not step forward in time, there will be no recourse.

Everyone goes home.