A Hatch in Houston!

By popular demand there will be;

"A Hatch in Houston!"

The date is January 12, 2013. The second Saturday in January.

UPDATE: The Hatch will be extended over two days.
1:00PM -> 6:00PM+ on Saturday 01-12-2013
9:00AM->2:00PM+ on Sunday 01-13-2013

Coincidentally, I hope to make the second Saturday of EVERY month the day when we get together to sail at Buffalo Run park. So the second Saturday in February (02-09-2013) will be our first official sail there!

The goal of this Hatch is for people to bring their lumber (I'll supply a list of what is needed) and we will cut out the side panels, end panels and chine logs for a side air box PDR. Everyone should leave with all the wood cut for at least 6 complete panels.

If there is time we will glue the chines onto the sides and transoms. We will try to get all 6 (4 side and 2 end) panels assembled.

If there is more time and the the owner has a way to transport it, we will assemble the panels on as many as we can.

If there is still time we will put a bottom on one.

If we put a bottom on one and there is STILL time, we will go throw it in the water at Buffalo Run. That would be some kind of record wouldn't it? Wood to water in one day? It isn't likely to happen...at least not this first time. But it is on the to-do list. :)

Supply list for now:

We already have 9 people who have expressed interest in attending. How far we can get on the assembly of the boats depends on how many show up with lumber and how many more show up to help. Please contact me directly if you would like to attend and let me know if you will be bringing lumber or just want to help/watch.

The location will be in Stafford TX 77477 (SW Houston), not far from Buffalo Run park.