Minnesota - USA - 'Frantastic' #1002
By: Duane Dorow #1002 "Frantastic" (1ar)
Minnesota, USA

Puddle Jumper
By: Roy Thomas (And Fam) #634 "Puddle Jumper" (7ea 1ar)
Oklahoma, USA

Sara First Sail
By: Marc Blazer #173 "Bloody Splinter" (1ea 1ar)
South Carolina, USA

Sailing With My Daughter
By: Joe Marinello #624 (1ar)
Georgia, USA

Starcatcher and Moldy Duck
By: Kaitlyn & John Herr #112 "Starcatcher" (2es 1eo 1ea 1ad 1ar)
Maryland, USA
Event Date: 2012-04-06
Organizer: Kaitlyn & John Herr #112 "Starcatcher" (2es 1eo 1ea 1ad 1ar)
Duckers Attended: 2

Video of True North
By: Bill MacPherson #608 "True North" (3ar)
Nova Scotia, Canada

Life from the center of the Channel - Puddle Ducks dont need wind
By: Thomas Mauer #537 "Water Dancer" (2ea 2ad 12ar)
Pennsylvania, USA

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