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CountryStateHullOwner NameBoat Nameeseoeaadac
USAPennsylvan512John Bridges Lavender Duck2818204350
USATexas759Eric Comstock 1113121253
USATexas646Cajun manAllons Canard (le228714
USAGeorgia104Scott Widmier Half and Half217223
USAOklahoma634Roy Thomas (And Fam) Puddle Jumper71
USAFlorida100Dave Gray Dangerous Duck31628
USAPennsylvan527Richard Frye, Capt. AHWET ROOSTER6914
USAMissouri810Al and Austin EbersolDuckSauce26618
USAMissouri825Al EbersolBlack Jack6
USATexas287Dave SanbornDuck Soup22527
USAGeorgia415Steve Gully - EarlfixiMystery25
CanadaBritish Co136Rick LandrevilleMonstrosity4
USAPennsylvan529Ken Sherwood PhDabbler412
USAPennsylvan540Chrissie ChojnickiThe Pink Pearl !4
CanadaBritish Co680Alexander Miller and P The Red Baron422
USAFlorida199Dave Gray3
USAGeorgia336David ChamnessWhack Whack52342
USAOhio599Mike InstoneDuck-n Around3
USAPennsylvan600C' BAM! 3
USAPennsylvan657Carla Phillips Bucket List3
USAPennsylvan658Becky Kanar 3
USATexas705Nick Altizer The Duck That Stuc33
CanadaBritish Co761David Whitworth and Pa Weasel Duck19231
USATexas42John WrightQ&D PD2
CanadaBritish Co58Gordon SeiterGoliath822112
CanadaBritish Co114Gary and Mandy SmithThe Lincoln Imp2
USAIowa213Kenny Giles Uke n Sail2
USAPennsylvan351Cecilia SherwoodZepplin-PDR2
USAMissouri381Gene BerryNot Much277
CanadaBritish Co422Rick Landreville2
USAGeorgia501David ChamnessBlack Dragons2
USAPennsylvan523Captain KenBlock Duck2
USAPennsylvan537Thomas MauerWater Dancer2212
USAGeorgia544David ChamnessRed Hot Pringle2
USAGeorgia545David ChamnessLittle Blue Peep2
USAKansas553David ZumwaltDeezee Duck21
USAPennsylvan581Wally and Tina DunkleRednek Yawt2
USAFlorida587Patrick JohnsonREDRUM DUCK31233
CanadaBritish Co623Alberni PDRacer ClubJohn D212183
CanadaBritish Co636Rick BonnellQuincey2
CanadaBritish Co645Kenn Whiteman Rotary One2
CanadaBritish Co648Trina Cote Aquaholic2
USAOhio671George Miller Quack21211
CanadaBritish Co676Carolyn Ness NAUTY DUCK2
CanadaBritish Co679Amanda and Jacob Salva Rubber Duckie2
USAPennsylvan694Clara SherwoodPiranha2
USAPennsylvan707Ned Asplundh2
USAPennsylvan719George Uehling2
CanadaBritish Co721Don Dufour PLAYTIME2
USAFlorida739John Beale Shore Enough22229
USAPennsylvan889Lake Arthur Regatta2
USATexas907Bill BruntIfItQuacks2
USAIndiana2Edith E. HelbertUgly Duckling1
USACalifornia23Mike AllisonHeadless Duck1
USATexas29Neill Tipton Myrtle the Turtle1
USATexas33Jason Nabors (retired)Sea Flea1
USASouth Caro59Tim Cleary Mary E101199
CanadaBritish Co90Summerland Industrial 1
CanadaBritish Co92Gary and Mandy SmithSink-A-Moose1
CanadaBritish Co96Granny's Goal1
USAIllinois102Paul HaynieFrankenduck's Mons131
USAMaryland112Kaitlyn & John HerrStarcatcher21111
Hong Kon113Mark Johnsen1
USAIndiana134John Nystrom John Duck1
USAIllinois135Andy Cougill1
USAFlorida143Dave GrayWild Duck1
CanadaBritish Co146Christine CaumartinBCQT1
CanadaBritish Co147Karin ThompsonSass Calypso1
USASouth Caro173Marc BlazerBloody Splinter11
CanadaBritish Co226Katrina DittmannSS Murray's Pizza1
USAVirginia283Paul HelbertKwikKwak1
CanadaBritish Co311Rick LandrevilleAfter You1
CanadaBritish Co313Larry Harder and RichaBlue Lightning1
USAGeorgia388David Chamness1
USATexas395Jason Nabors (retired)COASTAL BENDER1
USATexas396Lezlie Henson iDuck1
USAGeorgia421Scott WidmierMariah1
USAOhio455Ric Altfather 21111
USANew York463Morgan ReynoldsThe Tissue Box11
CanadaOntario492Mike Morris1
CanadaOntario494Doug LovelandDuck Fat1
USAKansas504C. Bryan Young1
CanadaOntario505Elayna HurstBooger1
USAPennsylvan532Matt Baumer and family1
USAPennsylvan533G. SmithA Foat Under the B1
USAIowa538Mitch Longtin12
USANew York552Wayne ReynoldsK. P. Sally1
USAKansas572Bryan Youngnot picked yet21112
USAOhio577Nick and Mitchell QuarBlame it on Buffet1
USAPennsylvan579Cindy Fischer The Coral1
USAPennsylvan584Brian and AshleyHagar The Horrible1
USATexas601Bryan CullMighty Mallard1
CanadaBritish Co629Chris Bright 1
CanadaBritish Co632Avery and Anthony JansRed Snapper1
USAOhio633Tim FryUSS NIMITZ1111
USAIllinois637James Farris Just Ducky1
CanadaBritish Co649109 RCSCC ALBERNI ALBERNI 11
CanadaBritish Co650Michael Sparrow Rotary 21
CanadaBritish Co651Dave Zyrd Nanoo1
CanadaBritish Co652109 RCSCC ALBERNI ALBERNI 21
USAPennsylvan672Al Huntley Kobayashi Maru1
CanadaBritish Co673Alberni Kiwanis Kiwanis One1
CanadaBritish Co674Alberni Navy League Frances Barnacle1
CanadaBritish Co675Alberni Toy Run Herzog's Hog1
CanadaBritish Co677Finlayson Family Jemima101195
CanadaBritish Co688Port Alberni Boston Pi Boston Pizza Duck1
USAPennsylvan689Friends of Yellow CreeEagle1
USAPennsylvan690Friends of Yellow CreeScout1
CanadaBritish Co702Alberni Kiwanis Kiwanis Two1
USAIndiana714Donald G. Smith Jr. M.Pato Real1
USAOhio718Jim Jackson and Grandc TOOTHLESS DUCK11
USAPennsylvan722Tom KocherJonah1
CanadaOntario744Mark AndersonDuck Sloop11
USATexas758Tim DillerSea Hawk16
USAFlorida766Robin Schoch Teal11
USAOklahoma768Ron Carter Capn Duck112
USAKansas775Steve Crandell Ruddy duck21119
USATexas869Charles PierceEC Duck1
USATexas880Warren FortenberryNorduck1
USAPennsylvan881Butler Outdoor ClubDuckzilla11
USATexas883Eric ComstockFree Bird1
CanadaBritish Co884Rick Landreville1
USAOhio895Tessa Haneline 1
CanadaNova Scoti904Helen OpieMolly Kool11131
USAPennsylvan937Andrew and Daniel Taba1
USAPennsylvan938Gabe SheridanStanley1
USAPennsylvan939Dan WeaverDuccaneer1
USAPennsylvan944Dylan Walter DouthettRMS Irony1
USANew Jersey946Bill (Dad) and Liam (S Legend1
USAPennsylvan947Tom and Tammy MysliwieThe Flying Duckman1
USAGeorgia975Ray Skiles Blue Duck1
USAGeorgia976Erne Gassmann Devil Duck21111

Event Size / Events Organized / Events Attended / Associted Duckers
An event is a calendar day when duckers gather and see each other in person. When posting an article about an event, you can list the person who organized the event, the date of that event and the hull numbers of the duckers you saw at the event. Event size / organized / attended are derived from those articles. Associated duckers come from the articles you post, the others you list as having seen at events are counted as your associated duckers.