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Puddle Duck Racer  58

Gordon Seiter #58 "Goliath" (8es 2eo 2ea 11ad 2ar)
British Columbia,Canada

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Events Organized (2)
8 duckers 2010-09-11
7 duckers 2007-10-10

Events Attended (2)

Articles (2)

Associated Duckers (11)
Summerland Industrial Arts #90 (1ea)
Gary and Mandy Smith #92 "Sink-A-Moose" (1ea)
Granny's Goal #96 (1ea)
Gary and Mandy Smith #114 "The Lincoln Imp" (2ea)
Rick Landreville #136 "Monstrosity" (4ea)
Christine Caumartin #146 "BCQT" (1ea)
Karin Thompson #147 "Sass Calypso" (1ea)
Katrina Dittmann #226 "SS Murray's Pizza" (1ea)
Rick Landreville #311 "After You" (1ea)
Larry Harder and Richard Wachal #313 "Blue Lightning" (1ea)
Rick Landreville #422 (2ea)

Event Size / Events Organized / Events Attended / Associted Duckers
An event is a calendar day when duckers gather and see each other in person. When posting an article about an event, you can list the person who organized the event, the date of that event and the hull numbers of the duckers you saw at the event. Event size / organized / attended are derived from those articles. Associated duckers come from the articles you post, the others you list as having seen at events are counted as your associated duckers.