Everglades Challenge 2012 SDDP Race

Gene Berry and and I were talking about how neat it is that Scott is getting out there to do the EC, so we cooked up a SDDP Race so all the rest of us to participate during the week that Scott is competing in the Everglades Challenge. So for those of us who aren't running in that event but still want to get out and do something, lets do an SDDP race in our home waters during the Everglades Challenge week. (SDDP means Same Day, Different Place)

Gene Berry and Patrick Johnson will be sailing out in their puddle ducks along the EC to cheer Scott along, so if you are in the vicinity, then consider getting out there and doing the same.

SDDP Parameters:

Phase 1

Over this winter, build a cabin or some other type of shelter that you can attach to your PDRacer that will allow you to sleep inside your PD (either at anchor or pulled up on the beach). Submit an article(s) about what you built and how you plan to use it, also about where you plan to go sailing. If you already have a shelter for your PD then just submit an article about it. Please submit the articles between now and Feb 20th 2012 so they can go out in the February newsletter.

Phase 1 Articles:

The making of #618 Happy Adventure - Or Plan B by Gene Berry
Leak Testing & First Splash of #618 Happy Adventure by Gene Berry
The PandG EC Adventure by Patrick Johnson

Phase 2

During the upcoming Everglades Challenge, go voyage in your duck. You don't have to spend the night in the duck, at the very least get out there and do some sailing. If you just want to daysail, you can add together time spent sailing on multiple trips. Submit your article(s) by March 20th 2012 to report your results so they can be sent out in the March newsletter. Please include in your report: date & time set out on voyage(s), miles sailed, hours / days spent sailing, nights spent aboard. Here are some great online mapping tools that can help you measure the distances you travelled.

The result table will show all participants, all results and top three placement ribbon icons for the following. In the event of a tie, the earliest to launch (local time) will be favored.