Winning The Rights to Host The PD World Championship

We have puddle ducks all over the world and any ducker anywhere may capture the right to host the next world championship. The way to capture the rights is to host an event this year during the "bid window". The bid window is 60 days before and after the current championship race (120 day total window). Each registered class legal duck that attends is counted, the total number being your bid amount. Organizers may host multiple events in the bid window, the largest attendence will be used as the bid amount. At the end of the bid window, the organizer with the largest bid amount wins the hosting rights for the following year championship.

Bid Event Rules

1 - Boats must have valid PDRacer hull numbers and have been measured class legal.
2 - The bid event can't be within 650 driving miles of the previous 2 world championships.
3 - The race must be conducted on the water (may have a beach start) and each boat must have a person in it.
4 - To break a tie between bids, the race that started first (local time) is favored.
5 - 51% of the boats at the bid event, must have not participated in either of the previous 2 world championships.
6 - Bids need to be submitted within 7 days of the event and bids are no longer accepted 24 hours after the last day of the bid window.

How To Submit A Bid

1. Hold race(s) and post article(s) so everyone can see the event(s).
2. Conatct Shorty to submit the event as a bid.

The bid event rules are designed to favor local fleet organizers who are actively promoting our class and prevent one area from continually capturing the rights repeatedly in successive years so everyone has a fair chance at hosting.

The 51% rule is only relating to the count number for the bid. All duckers are welcome to participate in your bid event, it just means some of them might not count for your bid amount. Lets say you have 10 boats at your race and 6 of them participated in (one or both of the 2 latest) world championships. Then your bid amount is 4 new hulls + 3 returning hulls = 7 total valid hulls for your bid.

Also understand it is the hulls that are counted, not the people. If someone builds a new hull and registers it, doesn't matter if the person participated in the last year's championship race, that new hull is valid for bid events. If someone brings multiple hulls, they can simply get some other human to be in the hull on the starting line and it becomes a valid hull for the bid count.

If no bids have been submitted within the bid window, the first organizer in any location to host an event (with any duckers) after the time window has closed and submit that as their bid wins the championship hosting rights.

Guidelines For The World Championship Race

Championship Event Rules

1 - The world championship event is to be free to enter for anyone with a registered PDRacer and their crew.
2 - The race is for registered class legal boats and they are to be measured & checked before the event for conformity to our class rules. For boats that are not class legal, see Rule 7
3 - All of the racing that constitutes the world championship needs to be completed in a single 36 hour time window.

More about free entry: We are a free club that is built with volunteer participation, so we want to provide that any registered class legal ducker and their crew can arrive at, park one vehicle & trailer, use the restroom facilities, participate in the race, exchange / receive trohpies and awards the same as any ducker attending the event, all without being required to pay a fee.

Trophies: We have a tradition of of homemade trophies. Sometimes duckers forget to bring one and they improvise one right there at the event with found materials. In the event someone has a duck that is found not class legal, they should still participate in the trohpy exchange, the trophy is a token of gratitude for showing up that day to make the fun happen.

After the championship, please send Shorty:

- A finalized score card
- A photo of all duckers together with their trophies
- An individual photo of the champion with their trophy.